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Increasing Operational Efficiency

In such a complex organisation as a hospital or healthcare setting, tools which help you fully understand your process flows, effectively manage your resources and quickly locate your assets are critical to the efficiency of your operation.

Our solutions are designed specifically to connect your caregivers and effectively track patient progress, equipment,facilities and costs. They are proven in use to virtually eliminate human error whilst providing instant, detailed records of the movement of your assets, staff and patients.

Track High-Value Assets

Identify and locate expensive equipment whenever it is in your facility, with instant visibility of the whereabouts of each and every piece of tagged hospital equipment provided by a barcoded label, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating systems (RTLS).

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Manage Supply Inventory

Staff can rapidly and accurately take inventory on a daily basis, making sure they have the right supplies and medications to hand.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Control Access

Ensure secure access control and clear identity verification thanks to our on-demand card printing solutions for a wide variety of patient and staff identification cards; functionality includes colour printing, barcode, magnetic-stripe, RFID and smart-card technologies.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

“Thanks to Zebra, we have streamlined numerous processes. Using barcodes to uniquely identify people, things and processes ensures that everyone has a safe stay in hospital. It has helped make treatment more cost-effective. Our analyses of laboratory tests show that implementing the ID system has reduced spending by 20%, which, in the case of such a large hospital, generates huge savings every month.”

Arkadiusz Lendzion, Director of Technical Administration, Gdansk University Health Centre & Centre for Invasive Medicine

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