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Hospital Asset and Equipment Tracking


Streamline inventory management and cut costs

Zebra’s tracking system places sensing and locationing technologies on your critical patient care medical assets and devices: patient blood bags, IV pumps, heart monitors, patient tissue, beds, wheelchairs and anything that has high monetary value or critical patient care outcome dependencies. Our RFID readers located throughout the facility automatically note the location of the asset or device as it moves — providing real-time visibility into the whereabouts of each and every item.

Inventory management

Zebra’s Inventory Management solutions ensure that staff will have ready access to all supplies and assets when needed.

Lower costs

Our solution improves the utilization rates for your existing equipment and prevents the unnecessary purchases of extra inventory.

Streamline inventory management with sensing and locationing solutions

What does searching for equipment cost you in terms of clinical time?

RFID solutions mean knowing where your inventory is at all times. RFID helps you to track the tools you use more accurately, use them more efficiently and manage them more effectively.

Recommended components for hospital asset and equipment tracking

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community, and supplies designed to withstand the hospital environment.


Zebra specialty printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners, interactive kiosks and tablets, and RFID real-time locating systems create visibility to data that health systems need to simplify operations, know more about their operations, and empower their clinicians.


MC40-HC Touch Computer

Your healthcare staff wants the latest in mobile technology, and a device that is as fun and easy to use as their own smartphone. Your healthcare organization requires an enterprise-class feature set, from data capture and security to manageability and dependably robust wireless connections. Get it all with the MC40-HC.


ZT410 Industrial Printer

An all-metal frame and bi-fold door make the ZT100 printer an excellent fit for healthcare environments. Standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity options give flexibility.


FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

Fast, accurate and cordless, the FX7500 features integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) for use where outlets or cords are a concern. Just snap the reader into a bracket on the wall for easy accessibility. 


RFD8500 Sled

Turn almost any mobile computer into a handheld RFID reader with the Bluetooth-enabled RFD8500. The sled can also be used in standalone mode.


When you use high-quality, pre-tested, reliable Zebra Supplies you can rest assured that the supplies you rely on to provide critical data to improve your operations, don’t negatively affect your operational productivity and efficiency.


Barcode Labels and RFID Tags

Zebra’s selection of label and tag materials includes more than 100 paper and synthetic label and tag materials. UL/cUL and CSA approved.


Workforce Connect

Workforce Connect helps mobile workers access crucial business data and communicate more efficiently, inside and outside the health system, by creating software and systems for enterprise voice, text messaging and video communications across multiple media types on unified mobile devices.



Zebra has created the Link-OS environment: an open platform that pairs an operating system for smart Zebra devices with powerful software apps, making the devices easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location.